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By Mike Cook
Photography by Anne Marie D’Arcy Photograph

May is for music here at LOCAL…so why not do a bar that’s part of the music complex soon to revolutionize the Houston music scene. The upcom- ing White Oak Music Hall, scheduled to open portions throughout 2016 is gon be gud, so keep an eye out. For now, our focus here is the first open portion, a resurrection of sorts, but mostly an awesome bar with some interesting perks.

We gotta start with the resurrection because there is no way you buy this land and not keep the mid-century dream, the actual tower of the Raven Tower bar, intact and in-use. It’s been refurbed and offers a small but functional bar and unbeatable views of Downtown from inside and on the roof. Climb the long staircase during open hours (not the same as the bar area) and you’ll eventually reach the prize. Considering this probably is NOT what it looked like when purchased, be sure to enjoy the interior (designed by gindesignsgroup) which perfectly embraces the ol’ bunker/hideout motif with some nice musical touches. Relax for a while (if the seats are not all taken) or find the green lit steps and climb a few more, if you’re adventurous … nevermind the swaying … and let the rooftop view remind you it’s all good in the hood. Outside of the tower, the Raven Tower has an indoor/outdoor full bar with covered seating for those rainy days, but the essence is the baller patio. It’s huge, laid out with great seating options practically hanging over the bayou, fire pits, TVs, games and killer bayou/Downtown views. There is also quite the setup for live music with a patio stage and a whole other area behind the full bar.

Enjoying these views and some music will come easy with 24 draft beers (largely devoted to Texas/Houston breweries) and plenty more in bottles/cans. There are also wines and spirits, including some solid premi- ums and the cocktails such as the easy drinking White Oak Lawn-ade (nice pun) help the hours pass right on by. For now, food is served from the La Marco food truck but we hear a more permanent establishment is in the works.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: sit back, relax and enjoy the revolution.

Courtesy of Local Houston