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Custom FF&A Design
Houston, Texas

This iconic activewear powerhouse already has undeniably strong branding that’s familiar to most, so to help give this global retailer a touch of authentic Texan flare, the interior utilizes lots of natural wood accents and relaxed furnishings.

The monochromatic facade is a strong steel grey that modernizes the traditional architecture of the home-turned retail space it inhabits while simultaneously differentiating the building from those around it. The front porch has bohemian-style lounge furniture in addition to a comfortable porch swing that grounds the store in it’s Texan home.

Stepping into the interior is a complete departure from the soic grey exterior. The flooring and ceiling are the same coordinated wood finish that breathes warmth into the space. Lining the length of the wall to the left of the entry are custom metal clothing display racks that work well with the relaxed, natural feel of the interior. To the right of the entry is a comfortable seating area centered on the fireplace and framed by lushious potted plants and a vintage refrigerator. The central space has a few modest, wood top tables with minimal metal legs on which more merchandise is displayed along with some additional free-standing racks towards the back of the space.
All of these elements and refined touches blend together to perfectly meld the brand's established identity with it’s adopted city of Houston.


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Bill Krampitz