Herb & Beet

Interior Design
The Woodlands, TX
Herb & Beet

Herb & Beet puts a sophisticated spin on the fine-fast restaurant scene, celebrating the vast diversity of Texas by offering unrivaled local cuisine. The restaurant's design allows for a quick service style with an elevated feel, which reflects the brand’s high standards. Customers are invited to choose their dish and progress down the open line while viewing the talented crew assemble their plates. However, in the evening, the vibe slows down, candles are lit, and the chef expands the daily menu with more intricately designed dishes to pair with the regional selection of beer & wine. The dining room was designed with both service styles in mind, and the result reflects the concepts’ overall commitment to clean, fresh food with light, natural wood, hand painted tile, abundant greenery and branded accents of green and deep purple. Patrons dine below an intricately designed mossy trellis at various seating arrangements, which include a community table wrapped around a tall fig tree, a maple counter facing the patio and more intimate lounge areas with an abstract tree mural as the backdrop. Customers feel a touch of home lounging in front of the plaster fireplace element in the pair of green velvet chairs with a glass of wine or a refreshing housemade lemonade. The patio to the right of the entrance mirrors the concept of the interior trellis with jasmine growing up and over the seating area. Soft globe lights and tabletop candles provide a relaxing ambiance for evening diners on the quaint patio. This Woodlands area restaurant adds a touch of charm to a bustling street, great for the fast paced lunch crowd which easily transitions to a relaxing dinner atmosphere.

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