Interior Design
Custom FF&A Design

Located in the classic Houston Heights neighborhood, this property was originally a mid-century modern washateria, built in 1955. The chef couple, well traveled art collectors, worked with the interior design team to bring organic forms and curved design elements to soften the original overall boxy shape. Yucatan aesthetic elements are woven throughout - dark woods, natural finishes, fluid shapes, warm tones - enhanced by the chef’s personal art collection. Large windows bring in an abundance of natural light to the airy, spacious dining room. The idea of mixing in a vaguely Asian aesthetic with South American influences was captured through hand-troweled wall plaster textures, strategically placed tropical plants, and artisanal ceramic decorative pieces.

Taking center stage, the massive half-moon shaped bar features a warm beige concrete top with an illuminated asymmetrical arched bar shelf. In the dining room, a central banquette wraps around a planter filled with exotic greenery offering an intimate dining experience. The exposed reinforced steel building structure is neutralized in white, complimented by a paper mache fabric layering, adding a dimensional layer to the overall space. At night, glowing light from windows spill to the outdoor sidewalk and a custom sconce marks the entry.

The design challenge for the interior was to incorporate soft textures such as plush fabrics, rounded furniture pieces, and gentle lighting to balance out the boxy architecture and create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and plants added warmth and softness.

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