Nonno's Family Pizza Tavern

Interior Design
Custom FF&A Design
Exterior Design
Houston, TX
Nonno's Family Pizza Tavern

Wood-paneled and dimly lit, walls baptized with posters, bumper stickers and rad neon signs you stole from the corner store. 

Vintage furniture, acquired by Nonna over a few decades, scatters the room and a tiffany pendant glows over a pool table in the corner.  

You work on Monkey Gone to Heaven and Smells Like Teen Spirit with the band. 

You take a break to play video games and help yourself to some of your Nonno’s home brews.

You order pizza and kill time by cutting some righteous holes in your jeans. 

The delivery guy interrupts your efforts of seeing how many cassette tapes you can glue together before they fall over. 

You dream of making pizza that’s way better than this one day, you’ll probably call it Nonno’s

Nonno’s captures this throwback daydream in a non-formulaic and completely original way for both the young and the young-at-heart of Montrose and beyond.

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Leonid Furmansky


Lettie Harrel of LH2 Architecture

Jarred Pruitt, Pruitt Structures

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