Traveler's Table

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Houston, TX
Traveler's Table

The Traveler’s Table concept was developed by an entrepreneur with travelust tendencies to bring the most exotic dishes from his explorations under one roof. The interiors complement the diverse cuisine, layering modern global elements over the existing natural finishes which creates a gorgeous juxtaposition against the building’s modern architecture.

The design goal was to transcend guests into an atmosphere in which they could feel immersed in various cultures while enjoying traditional dishes with a modern twist. The sense of arrival is strong as you approach the space through the lushly landscaped interior patio, highlighted with Traveler’s Palms and other tropical vegetation. Punched tin lanterns glow over a softly plastered bar, inviting a cocktail hour that turns to hours. Within the dining room, the “Traveler’s Table”, created as a homage to the humble street cart, is another experiential moment for large parties or individuals to dine near the open kitchen with a backdrop of colorful spices.

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